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 4. March 2016

caveat emptor - “let the buyer beware”
Cav Empt (C.E)


Hyperrealism and glitch graphics. Welcome to the world of Cav Empt (C.E).

The talent behind this 2012 launched, Tokyo based label, is no stranger to the spotlight: Sk8thing, graphic genius behind Bape®, Billionaire Boys Club, Icecream and a host of other legendary Japanese brands, Toby Feltwell, right hand man to Nigo®s in Tokyo, previous Chief of Staff from NOWHERE Co. Ltd., to name just two of his many endeavours and Hishi, clothing designer behind Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream. But then, if you are into the streetwear scene, particulary the Japanese scene, these guys are probably no strangers to you; for everyone else... this is C.E Cav Empt.


Check out their Spring/Summer Video Lookbook from 2014 and their latest one from this year 2016.

C.E 2016 featuring Bafic & Sporting Life - Directors: Georgia (US) Ben Drury (UK) - Music: Show Room Music #4, side B (Joy Edit)
Drone Footage: Alon Sicherman & Micah Dickbauer (US) Daniel Joyce & Robin Holland (UK)
C.E Cev Empt
C.E 2014 featuring Actress - Directors: Rollo Jackson, Ben Drury - Music: Actress - Art Department: Janina Pedan at The Magnet Agency




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