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Aiden Shaw

Actor, Artist, Author, Model, Musician, Music Video Director, Poet, Producer, Singer, Songwriter

AND Pornstar.

Suit. Tie. Green. LoveLove

My, my..

That's quite a mouthful.

Natalie Wood

Steve McQueen

And That's How

You wear A Suit.

And That's what

You want making

you Eggs

in the Morning



Curb Appeal




Gify, Gify, Gify Som' Mo 

Granted, I haven't been the biggest fan of 

It always felt a bit like an uninvited guest.

aren't always 

 a bad thing.

Having said, said.. Party


"The Gif". 

Waiiit foor iit...





A curvy girl who is extremely hot and naturally gorgeous


usually sagittarius. athletic. artsy. muscial. fun to hang out with. very outgoing

Doesn't go out with men often because of self-confidence and pride, and the knowing that no guy is good enough for her. Not like most girls who have had 5 boyfriends in a three month period. 

Good fashion sense and a pretty unique face is usually a quality of a girl. most girls of this origin could be models.


Jacqueline is the name of a girl who is extremely beautiful, not just because of her looks but for her personality. She makes everything amazing. She is the kind of girl to cheer you up when you're blue, and is the best friend anybody could ask for. She has the power to make anybody feel great no matter who they are. They give the best advice and just have the natural ability to make everything seem better than it is. They are very seductive and unique. Their eyes are captivating, their smile intoxicating, and their heart lights the darkest, coldest souls and fills them with happiness

Very Seductive, they usually look mean from first glance but they love to have fun and laugh. 

If you ever come in contact or know a Jacqueline then your lucky, even though no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER get one in your bed. Extremely rare. 

They're a good species to chase, and love the game. They know the mind of men, so be prepared to have A woman know all your secrets, which makes it even harder to pin down. 

They're very independent and although it may look like they dont get attention from guys, it's because they put off an AUra that basically sends a signal to guys that she's not about to played and isn't easy, that's usually when guys back off. 

They don't like gossiping preppy girls, although they will probably be assocciated with that group, they will most likely turn the tables. 


They are popular and girls want to hate them but can't. 

Not like most girls, Jacqueline's usually like sports, and guy things, but they also have a very feminine side when they want to. 

When a Jacqueline likes a guy she never shows any signs so if you are a guy reading this then definitly make your move 

The very rare ones are accustomed to fame and famous people. 

They're exquisite and very hard to find and, if you know one start chasing. Once they realize you are, your in for a good time.


"Jacqueline"s are the most perfect girls in the entire world, If you meet one don't let her go!


Jacqueline is another word for perfection.


I wish I could marry a Jacqueline, I'd be the envy of all guys!


Could not have made this up, even if I tried.


NYFW (New York Fashion Week) Spring Summer 2014

Perhaps if I had kissed you again Life would be diferent now



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