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RICH MNISI 2018 COLLECTION Nwa-Mulamula (Projekt)

In 2018 the South African fashion brand Rich Mnisi debuted its furniture line which consisted of a chaise and a stool. The line was named in honour of Mnisi's late great-grand mother 'Nwa-Mulamula' (The Guardian). The pieces were part of the 2018 collection with the same name.

The range was also part of Southern Guild's Extra Ordinary Group Showing, a collaborative exhibition highlighting and celebrating pioneering design in South Africa. According to the designer “The chaise takes the shape of Nwa-Mulamula’s body in the form of a navy leather couch and represents her presence and long-lasting teachings." He go on to say of the eye-shaped stool with gold puddles, “The stool represents her tears, which were never in vain.”

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