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Sigrid Calon

Sigrid Calon
Sigrid Calon "Letters become Patterns"
Sigrid Calon Cards

Dutch visual artist Sigrid Calon layers basic forms on top of one another to create wonderfully intricate and colorful patterns using two- and three- color risograph printing. Calon's geometries have materialised on everything from building walls to fabrics, glasses, cards and watches (Swatch Collaboration). Calon's work on pages: “To the extend of / \ | & - Within the grid and beyond the pattern” (2012) (shop), "letters become patterns" (2014) published by Kaleid Editions (shop) and Screening 1 (shop), a collaboration with Willem van Zoetendaal, published in 2015.

Sigrid Calon lives and works in Tilburg, Holland.

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