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Eiko Ojala

Eiko Ojala Hunger for Love
Eiko Ojala Editorial - Fakta “Myyntikone Piiputtaa”
Eiko Ojala Rotary Klubi
Eiko Ojala Rotary Klubi
Eiko Ojala Reachers
Eiko Ojala Reachers
Eiko Ojala Reachers

When I first saw these charming pieces from Estonian graphic designer and illustrator Eiko Ojala, I thought "Wow, that's some impressive cutting skills..." Then I found out that the images were not cut from paper; they were, in fact, hand drawn illustrations. 3D illustrations to be exact. Wow!..take two..

Ojala mostly works digitally and draws everything by hand without the aid of any 3D software. The shadows, or rather the placement of the shadows, is crtical to the effect of the illustrations. They are, of course, also hand drawn although on occasion photographed shadows are incorporated into the images. (shop posters) (shop prints)

Eiko Ojala is the Winner of a Illustrative Young Illustrators award (2013), a ADC Young Gun award (2013) and won the Communication Arts 55th Annual Illustration Competition in 2014. He has appeared in Wired, the New York Times, the New Yorker, Dwell Magazine a.o.

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