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Angelo Galasso
Angelo Galasso

The Polso Orologio (Watch cuff) shirt was created at the end of the nineties by Italian menswear guru, or “Godfather of Italian Style”, as GQ has called him, Angelo Galasso. The idea for the cuff was triggered by Gianni Agnelli (former Fiat president) who had to wear his watch over the cuff because of an allergy.

Angelo Galasso launched his brand, Interno 8 - named after his apartment in Italy - in 1990. By the end of 1993, there were over 80 Interno 8 stores in Italy. Needless to say, things were going well. Initially the brand’s line featured non-traditional and high-end shirts. Today the collection has expanded to the full range of menswear, including everything from suits, jeans, jackets, blazers, shoes, accessories and watches; there is a woman's collection and houses in London, New York, Moscow, Milan and Sardinia.

By 1998, Galasso’s style had reached the realm of the celebrity sphere: Ask the likes of Michael Caine, Tony Blair, David Beckham, Jay Z, Al Pacino, Roger Moore, Chris Brown etc. the infamous red carpet question “Who are you wearing today” - “Angelo Galasso” is by no means an uncommon reply.

The Polso Orologio was showcased at the Design Museum in London, leading the Financial Times to dub Angelo as The Da Vinci of Shirts. Personally, I think that’s a bit of an insult to Leonardo, but hey, che c**** ne so io?

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