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Eric Gyamfi
Eric Gyamfi 'Witches of Gambaga'

Eric Gyamfi

Eric Gyamfi 'Stilled Landscapes'

Eric Gyamfi 'Portraits I'

Eric Gyamfi

Eric Gyamfi
Eric Gyamfi

Eric Gyamfi

Eric Gyamfi (Self Portrait)

"I try to tell stories I would otherwise not have the confidence to say in words" Eric Gyamfi

Eric Gyamfi was born in Ghana, West Africa. Gyamfi’s work is mainly in the medium of photography. Currently living and working in Ghana, his work predominantly consists of self-portraits, usually shot in monochrome, and various portrait series’ that comments on his country’s continual transition to modernity in the light of its traditions and customs and the people caught therein, with a focus on the minorities (Women and children) and sexual identity (source

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