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Uniforms for THE Dedicated

'Dummy Plant 1A' UFTD Spring/Summer 2011
'Dummy Plant 1A' UFTD Spring/Summer 2011
UFTD Spring/Summer 2010
'Blue Cone Colony' UFTD x Tree Hotel (Spring/Summer 2012)
​ 'Blue Cone Colony' UFTD x Tree Hotel (Spring/Summer 2012)

"Born in close relation to the outdoors and the lifestyles it has to offer, the past has taken us on the mission to create a menswear line that relates to the environment and nature’s scarce resources.

By 2018 UFTD intends to use fabrics solely based on recycled or organic fibers and latest sustainable innovations available to the market." UFTD

Uniforms for the Dedicated was founded in 2007 as a collective of artists, musicians, film makers and designers – a playground of creative talent that today provides influence and inspiration to our clothing line as well as stand alone projects under the Uniforms for the Dedicated creative umbrella. Together we create clothing collections parallel to indulging in art, music and... read more on vimeo

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