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Dramaland (Sounds of South Korea 2)

Gorgeous visuals from the land of the morning sun. . . A small insight into South Korea's music scene. Often wonderfully paired with some of the countries most popular actors, actresses and artists. Featured actor Ahn Jae Hong

"Snow" by Zion T. ft. Lee Moon Sae (2017)

This video is beautiful. The performance of South Korean actor Ahn Jae Hong is simply a delight. Don't worry, if you don't speak or understand Korean. It doesn't matter. Trust me. (I would even urge you to switch off the subtitles in the settings, if indeed you have them on. You will find a translation in the comment section on youtube or in this video).

The only thing I do think is worth mentioning contains spoilers, so you might want to read on after you've seen the video.

He writes on the back of the photo: "On our 2001th day, as if we made a promise, it snowed" (the first snow has a special meaning for lovers in South Korean culture). The book in which the photo is placed is a collection of poems by Hwang Ji-woo titled Even Birds Leave the World.

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